I got my braces on May 22, 2013. The treatment is supposed to be around 18 to 20 months so hopefully this time next year I will be done with them. But while I have them I might as well enjoy it!

Currently I have an 1825 wire (I hope I’m right!) on top and bottom. I wear two rubber bands pretty much 24/7, (Haha, that’s a joke!) at least I’m supposed to! Right now the bands are helping to line up my bottom jaw line with the top.

Oh, and I went with a newer system in braces called the Damon system. They are supposed to be faster and less pain, which I haven’t really had much at all!

Anyways, any questions or comments just put them below and I will answer the best I can!


Yes. I’m 22 and I have braces! I love my braces! I have been wanting them since I was 12 and I finally got them thanks to my husband 🙂


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