What makes it best?

I have a few friends that have the label “best” or “true” but who do I consider to be a best friend? How do they become a person who holds the title of being the best? Someone who I have a connection to almost instantly is surely going to be important to me.

I don’t ask for a lot in a friend. Someone who accepts me for me, someone I know will be there for me with no questions asked, they know who I really am because they have taken the time to get to know me, & lastly (maybe the most important) someone who never questions my friendship or loyalty to them.

Through all the years I have noticed that all my best friends are so much different but when you really start to study them they are actually a lot alike and each one of them, in their own ways, have encouraged me to be a better person. I hope, in return, I have brought something positive to their lives also.

My friendships all seem to be pretty similar in many aspects too. They are simple. As complicated and hectic everything can get, my friendships, for the most part, are always a constant simplicity. I am very grateful for this! I always know that I can just be me and nothing else, no expectations, no judgements, & sometimes no words.

I absolutely love all my best friends and I hope only the best for them. No matter what happens in life, whether we live 18 minutes or 18 hours apart, I will always consider them my best friends. With this being said I literally do have a best friend/sister that lives 18 hours away. I miss her very much. We haven’t seen each other since my wedding! We have both had a baby in this time apart and so much has changed with both of us that it’s ridiculous! I feel bad I can’t be there to cheer her on or listen when she needs me. I am lucky enough that she understands though and I am even more lucky to get to call her son, Dakota, my God son! Another one of my best friends, a more recently found friendship, lives in Montana at the moment. She is expecting her first little boy this March! He will be a year younger than my son. She and I had a very fast connection that turned into friendship all in one night over a bonfire. The third friendship is the one who lives 18 minutes away…but not for much longer. I was texting her today and I sadly, although I am very happy for her, found out that she will be moving to Utah. I met her in Auto zone, where she worked. I was going in there quite frequently and always saw her in there. One week I noticed she looked a little different, a little fuller (in her belly area). I went back a couple weeks later and I knew for a fact that she was pregnant and I could tell she was about as far along as I was! This was very exciting because it gave me a reason to go talk to her. I asked all about her and when she was due and then asked if she would like to hang out sometime. Thank goodness I did because not only do I have another great friend but Brookelle, my daughter, does too! Did I mention that she named her daughter Chevelle and that she is only about three weeks older!?

That’s enough rambling. Back to my point.

Life brings a lot of different people and some stay while others simply go. No matter who they are or how long they are in your life you should cherish the times you have because you never really know how it will change you. Although all three of these beautifully, amazing girls I talked about will shortly be living in different states than I do I will most definitely be closest to them for, hopefully, the rest of my life!


Personal message:

No matter how far away, I will always be here for you. I miss you a shit ton and can’t wait to see you all again! Until next time, Love from the Hodges! <3<3<3


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