Deni Dog

I just realized the other day that my beloved Deni dog is getting up there in age. I decided this would be a good picture to start off this blog! She will be nine years old this coming summer. I got her when I was 14 from my husbands family when I met them the summer of 2005. I like to think when I visited Idaho, my second time, I got a new dog and a new family!

Just so I am not confusing anyone I will briefly go over the story of how I moved to Idaho.

I grew up in Nebraska from the age of two to 17. Just to make it short lets skip up to the point of 14! We went to visit my dads long lost best friend from grade school (Blaine, Chase’s dad) out here in Idaho. I met Chase July 4, 2005 and I was instantly a smitten kitten. Then I started dating him October 20, 2005. We had a three year, long distance relationship until I turned 17. We came back out to Idaho summer of 2008 and we ended up moving here! Been here ever since.


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